The Unrunescape Wiki is a parody of the Runescape Wiki and of Runescape itself. Please note:

  • It is purely satirical, and does not reflect the actual corporate practices of Jagex itself.
  • It is for the purposes of humour only. Libellous attacks will not be tolerated.
  • All the material discussed is copyright of Runescape and of Jagex, Ltd. The owner of Unrunescape Wiki does not claim to own these materials in any format. Their use is only permissible because of fair use.
  • Bugabuse dot net has unlimited swagger.

The Wiki is a broad church- with both subtle wit and more outlandish humour. Some of the articles may be quite brash and possibly offensive. Remember that many different contributors come here, and we are working to make the Wiki genuinely funny.

New editors are welcomed as long as they contribute to the ethos of the Wiki. That said, enjoy!

Who We AreEdit

  • Stormy Times- NOW IN CHARGE! AT LONG LAST! YIPPEE!, professional writer and Dungeoneering guru, who is probably responsible for nearly all the articles on the website. Coined the term "Runefappers".
  • Paddy Phisher- Image creator in chief, Paddy Phisher is the only person on the internet who can actually use MS Paint properly without resorting to Rule 34 (that's aimed at YOU, deviantART). If you see an image that is suitably wacky, he probably made it- or lifted it from another website and is hoping he doesn't get caught.