Astea Frostweb battle

As you can see from this picture, Astea is a prayer noob.

Astea Frostweb is one of the bosses from the Dungeoneering skill. She is little more than a random mage with ancients that has no real idea what she is doing - as of any typical woman. She's found in the higher layers of Deamonheim's dungeon, in the ice areas. Of course, you could show her the way out of the dungeon so she can go back to ironing some robes and/or performing sexual favours for Lexicus Runewright, the mad librarian who is in some way related to her, despite a shoddier part of the writing not making it clear. It's Jagex, what do you expect?

Fighting AsteaEdit

Fighting Astea Frostweb is never just a case of wading in with your Promethium Longsword and kicking ass. (Not to be confused with a recent unfunny movie) She can and will use Ice Barrage on you, and will step back out of your range. Therefore you're gonna need a second combat style. Range works well because she's absolutely rubbish against it, although magic can be used to good effect.

Her silly surname relates to the ability she can summon Ice Spiders to help her mash a random adventurer, and like many of the things in Deamonheim following the 'excessive damage' rule, (such

Arguecat - providing a great point as always

as Forgotten Warriors, Brutes, Mysterious Shades, a door...) they can hit high at later levels, with spiders at level 80 hitting around 300 damage. Luckily this is only on higher difficulties, so don't crap yourself.

A final note is that Astea is a prayer noob. She will use Protect from <combat style> at times, switching not because she's getting ruined, but because its on a random timer/she's on her period. Switching from Protect from Range to Protect from Mage when a crazy adventurer is ripping you a new one with a Gorgonite 2h is not the most intelligent of things.

The main problemEdit

There is one large problem with Astea Frostweb. No glitches, no extreme difficulty, but due to the fact that most PruneScape players are adolescent males, and that she's sorta female. Therefore, like Commander Zilyana, she is the target of unsavoury material by unsavoury people. Jagex work hard to give us a unique boss with a fascinating storyline linking possibly to the depths of Daemonheim itself, and the perverted scum just use it as something else for their bad habits.

Scratch all that, the main problem is that she is not in the kitchen making me a sandwich. So above you complain about sad adolescents sexualizing her because she is a woman, to end with an oh-so-snappy and original twist, truly worthy of the most conniving and schematic of linguists that also doesn't happen to be an internet meme created and used specifically by those same sad adolescents?

Nice going there, dumbass.