99 attack

A player with 99 Attack

Attack-iconAttack is one of the melee combat skills in Prunescape. It is never used due to the fact that most players are obbessed with spinning around with a giant hammer like a beserk lunantic, hitting 700+ but due to sod's law you will never hit that when you actualy need it.

No more heroes zeroes?Edit

You'd think that, but because of the broken combat system, and the bias its still possable to hit 0 on a rat with an Armadyl Godsword spec. Another problem is PvP, most players think attack ends at 75, and that their rune armour and zerker helm will defend them against ANYTHING, so when you try to fight them, they will most likely run off shouting "OMFG HACKER REPORTED!!!1!%£shift!!2"

The WeaponsEdit

With the exception of mauls, all weapons require a certain attack level, from the useless training weapons to the WMDs (not to be confused with the ability to close a door) This can also be misleading, as some clod will probly get 60 attack, buy a dragon scimtair, run into Bounty Hunter and then realise that he hasn't done Monkey Madness- then notice that he also forgot to bank all his armour, and is now frozen on the spot next to the chaos elemental. Let's hope his Forinithy bracelet will save him.

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