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Congratulations! You've done one of the 9001 things that can get you into trouble, and have now found yourself dishonourably evicted from RuneScape! Let's hope it wasn't too serious, or they might send the Jagex Riot Squad after you.

List of things you can get done forEdit

As well as infractions of the rules of RuneScape, other offences can be punished as Jagex sees fit. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Trying to debate with a moderator on any subject.
  • Criticising any Jagex employee on any part of their conduct or otherwise.
  • Wearing combinations of armour that could reasonably be deemed as ugly.
  • Asking the staff why they need a whole section of the forums to be told how wonderful they are.
  • Questioning the judgement of the Jagex community mods who decided you could recommend yourself for modship.
  • Being reported for your name so many times that it actually costs them money to dedicate so much customer service time to the reports.
  • Trying to start your own meme.
  • Successfully starting your own meme.
  • Proving that their bot detection system doesn't work.
  • Pointing out that the Flagstiaff of Festivities is exactly like RWT.

The Appeals SystemEdit

Jagex knows it never makes mistakes. However, to comfort the poor deluded fools who do not fully appreciate the shining light of their benevolent wisdom, they have in place an excellent replica of a real-life appeals system. Here, wrongdoers must prostrate themselves before the might of the Jagex Moderators, who will then grant them forgiveness for their errors.

Well, the bot does anyway. As everyone knows, Jagex uses a state-of-the-art bot program to read their appeals. This is to save time that would be wasted reading appeals that would be denied anyway, which they can spend on raising item prices randomly and copypasta-ing D&Ds.

Some appeals do get accepted for some reason. We don't know how or why, and after looking at these we're not sure we want to either.

A convincing appeal of threatening that you might commit suicide works to unban your account, but your police also show up at your residence shortly after the appeal is recieved.