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Code of Laws:
The Official Rules of RuneScape
The Ten Commandments
Approved Opinions
The Jagex Riot Squad
Jagex Moderators
Dual Moderators
Player Moderators
Forum Moderators
Approved Snitches
Reward and Punishment:
Gagging orders
The Black Hole (retired)
Offical Non-Person Status
The Death Ray
Things You Shouldn't Mention if you Want To Keep Your Account:
Jagex's Greatest Moments
Jagex Logic
Flagstaff of Festivities
Things Jagex swore would never happen
Jagex to English Dictionary
Immutable Facts of RuneScape

Behind The Scenes was a reliable way of us lowly players finding out what wonderful updates Jagex had planned for us. Then, in the name of communication, they scrapped it. Go figure.

Producing these (and therefore setting deadlines for content release) made the morlock-like content developers break out in a painful rash which also caused hair loss and uncontrollable bowel movements. Although the content "people" are considered expendable, this was considered an unacceptable risk to productivity. The BTS was then removed, and they were allowed to resume their practice of praying to Guthix (they believe he is real and he is their main deity) for guidance on when to complete their content.

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