This article uses a lot of sweary words. Don't read this unless you watch The Thick Of It a lot and you have a high swearing tolerance.

Just one of many needed at Jagex Towers.

Unfortunately, PruneScape is well known for the vast amount of bullshit that plagues almost everything. Its absolutely everywhere like Sonic fancharacters, despite it being wanted nowhere[1]. It's been around so long that it's now a large part of the game, with many things dedicted to it, such as the Impetuous Impulses minigame, the Underground Pass quest, the Giant Mole and Infernal mages. Many things can also be linked directly to bullshit, such as most of the things on this website.

(Are you insulting the website again Stormy? - Angels)

What I mean is, there are a large amount of small links to this page throughout the wiki. A lot of things, when described, or whenever theres an analysis of something, in some way it is going to link to this page.

(Good. Don't make me fire you again.)

The PruneScape forums are also infested with bullshit, with a large concentration of it in the Catacombs of Hell. Its therefore recommended to go there and kill a few hundred brain cells so you've got a few Bullshit files ready for access inside your head, unless of course you've got the memory of a bucket with a hole in the bottom. [2]

How do you define bullshit?Edit

Bullshit is known widely as anything said by the average Jagex Moderator, any of the spam that comes out of the backside of 'merch clan' advertisers, or the drop table of K'ril Tsutsaroth. Also, to repeat myself like a stuttering parrot whichever mod it was that spent half of a Q+A banging on about how PruneScape would be around forever, the PruneScape forums are well known for the amount of BPH (Bullshit Per Hour) produced.

Examples of bullshitEdit

"We do not aim this game at kids" (Jagex)

Dragon Impling

Implings always move faster/in other directions then the person trying to catch them...

"My main will own you" (the average noob)

"We are collecting feedback on the update" (Jagex)

"I am 13 years old" (One of the many child predators on f2p worlds who spam 'need gf' constantly)

"Make millions overnight with 2lum" (2lum, or other 'merch clans') Note: Other merch clans don't end with "2lum"

5 rune javelins (a drop from the Corporeal Beast)

Biased Implings (those bloody implings that avoid you for 10 minutes, then fly straight towards the next person for an easy catch - it happens to everyone)

Want to bypass the censor?Edit

Then use a different language!

Cac tarbh!

The Irish for Bullshit!

Or cuss in sci-fi replacement words, like Frak!

You might have noticed that a few pages link here.


  1. Apart from the Labour Party HQ.
  2. So in other words,me.
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