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Cooking-icon.pngCooking is one of the many skills in PruneScape.. It is well known for being one of the most impressive and valuable 99s in the game, and is almost completely used for trimming skillcapes and trashing a large drop at the Falador Party Room with burnt fish.

Types of cooking

Apart from the autoer's choice of clicking a range for hours on end, other forms of cooking do exist.

  • Pizza making - Due to the nerfed economy, the price of plain pizzas has skyrocketed making this method pointless and slow.
  • Wine making - Most of the "whining" comes from people who can't buy any jugs of water anymore.
  • Gnome - If you want to be a stupid delivery boy, get worthless mint cakes and shit experience at the same time, this is for you.
  • Potatoes - A training method for potatoes which involves potatoes. Potatoes potatoes potatoes.
  • Pies - Perfect for cheating in quest/diary requirments. The strange thing is, pie dishes are worth more than certain ready made pies, although this is extremely unusual, considering the accuracy that the Grand Exchange has.
  • Cannibalism- Sadly you are not yet allowed to cook noobs for XP, despite repeated lobbying by everyone in RuneScape.

Things you can do with cooking

Cooking in RuneScape is tedious, slow and rather stupid, due to the complete lack of variety. Meat comes in 3 varities- beef, bear and rotten. There's also chicken but as everyone knows chickens are a type of dolphin.

Boil cabbages alive (yes they have souls according to prunescape HQ).

Feed the hungry masses:

  • A hard working comrade can make around 2000 batches of dough an hour
  • A second loving comrade can take the bread dough from them and cook 1500 breads an hour
  • A soviet citizen prole comrade requires 3 breads per day, so each 99 chef can feed 5,000 citizens per day

This has been factored into Big Brothers four year plan, and all agricultural development is wisely being suspended.

Some quotes from the experts

Head Chef - *note to self....we are running out of skillcapes...*

Jamie Oliver - "We should stop using all these processed and bot cooked sharks in pvp, they are unhealthy, to the rants forum!"

Gordon Ramsay - "Your f***ing cooking level is a load of s**t you w***er! WHAT DO YOU F***ING MEAN REPORTED YOU T**T!"

Gordon Rammstein - "This chicken tastes like Buch Dich!"

Some random guy in Rogue's Den - "lol cooking is a nub 99 gtfo!!2!1"

Agent Fisher - "Can I have those 5 days of my life back please?"

Skiller 703 - ....(I tried to ask him but he was too busy botting Dungeoneering)

Cullinoromancer- "I got no life so I kill people with cooked chicken, and send them off on a quest to kill a cake!"

King of Monkey- "Banana"

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