Crime is on the rise throughout Gielinor, but the Jagex Riot Squad lack the man-power to deal with the rising number of players NPCs causing havoc! Anyone with a bit of past experience in handling such cases is encouraged to lend a helping hand at the Seers' Village Courthouse, where the player can be examined prosecuting NPCs. When all 16 cases are released, Jagex shall deem these players worthy of invitation to the Riot Squad, where they'll be brainwashed into banhammering all dissenters!


The "Court Cases" Distraction and Diversion (D&D) can be accessed following completion of the King's Ransom Quest.

Getting StartedEdit

Every trial is held downstairs in the Seers' Village Courthouse, located to the southeast of the bank. However, players must first produce an appropriate Court Summons, which is harder to find than a Champion's Challenge Scroll.

Methods of Obtaining a Court Summons
Slaughtering other sentient beings Pickpocketing Fishing Treasure Trails
Amazing that WE'RE prosecuting... Are Jagex sure that they have the Law correct? Seems like the proper attorney pissed off the wrong criminal.

These are treasure?

Why can't I sell mine then?


Totally original!

Court CasesEdit

Mugger (Level-6) vs. Roger Murray

What more of a no-brainer is there?

He's a MUGGER! Of course he robbed the man...Wait, he got off?

River Troll vs. The People

Sounds like James Cameron's avatar. I wonder who the God of the Trolls are, it will just send an army from hell to pummel The People.

Drunken Dwarf vs. The People

What sort of player takes a case against this guy! He hands out free booze and food!

Evil Twin vs. Good Twin

Let's see...tenner that the wrong one is in court?

Rick Turpentine vs. The People

Appealing to a JurorEdit

Ingame Descriptions of the Jurors

Somebody, fill in the blanks...

Interesting lot, them...


Court Cases Rewards
Court Cases Rewards on Completion
Mugger (Level-6) vs. Roger Murray 2,000 XP (Attack OR Defence)
River Troll vs. The People 3,500 XP (Attack OR Defence) and 20 Sharks (noted)
Drunken Dwarf vs. The People 5,000 XP (Attack OR Defence), 20 Gold Ore (noted), and a Kebab
Evil Twin vs. Good Twin 6,500 XP (Attack OR Defence) and 5 Uncut Sapphires (noted)
Rick Turpentine vs. The People 8,000 XP (Attack OR Defence) and 3 Uncut Rubies (noted)
Arkell vs Pressdram Enlightenment (not noted) -
After completing five Court Cases, you will be given the Barrister wig (a costume item) for your legal savvy and accomplishments in the courtroom.

They really broke the bank there, I mean, what else could be a better investment of your time than 3 uncut rubies?

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