The wonders you can make with 99 crafting.

Crafting is the most fun, quick to train, profitable and least boring skill in Prunescape. It allows you to make jewelery, pottery and leather suits.


Pottery is goddamn useless unless you're some Girl trying to make your Player-owned house look beautiful.


Leather crafting's a nice upgrade from the monotonous training of pottery. You get to make nice Ranging armor for your clan, or scam little newbies telling then that you sell the best armour made in RuneScape when it's just a leather chap.

Other than that, the needle is good for dainty vampires.


For those Runefappers wishing to propose to your girlfriend, jewellery is an essential skill, unless you want her to wear an Amulet of Ghostspeak to your wedding.


Trimming is the ultimate goal of all crafters and requires at least a level of 102 for trimming black platebodies.

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