Dwarven Mine

Above: The Dwarven Mine of Falador. Because that's right kids, slavery is now in heightism form!

Falador has a lot of notable areas on it, but there isn't much to generalize, so this paragraph will be underwhelming. But there's lots of sections. Because you like sections don't you? Yes you do, yes you do!

The White Knight's CastleEdit

The White Knight's Castle is located at around the South-West of Falador, its where a load of pricks with white armour and weapons stand around aimlessly beating the shit out of Black Knights on occasion. Which shows, not only are White Knights bullies for picking on lower levels, they are also racist fucks.

The Party RoomEdit

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The Party Room is a house in North-East Falador where noobs camp at all day for the futile hope of free stuff. It also serves as a handy way to teleport close to the Living Rock Caverns should you have a homeworld of World 103 because the server is kinda filled with 2/3 of the people and many training areas are kinda not.

Falador Mole LairEdit

If you go in Falador Gardens (or whatever its called) and dig a hole in the mole hills, you'll be in the Falador Mole Lair, where you can fight the Giant Mole. And thats all I can say on that.

Pointless information (trivia)Edit

  • Jagex once wrote a book called Betrayal at Falador for mindless kids to read at their lunchtime in high school. Well, until the cool kids laughed at them and spilt Coca-Cola on the book, punched him in the stomach and watched him cry and put the video on YouTube.
  • Falador is well known for being the area of choice for rioters.
  • Theres a giant hole you can climb through... Why has no-one repaired this since a certain someone broke it, Does Prunescape have no Builders?