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No! Let me spam you!!!!11111

Location on World map
Corporeal Beast
King Black Dragon Fist of Guthix Dungeoneering
Grand Exchange

The Fist of Guthix isn't an actual fist, nor is it FOG is you've been listening to some silly players. It is actually one of several activities mini-games created by Jagex to compensate Pkers for the removal of their beloved Wilderness.

The objective is spam as much as possible. One player needs to hold a retarded ball for long enough while being attacked by Guthix's farts and the other player needs to find him and spam the shit out of him when he hides behind a rock. Everyone goes to the centre but fails because the spam there is un-fucking-beliveable. Eventually, you are forced to forfeit and make the big ugly shitface pissed off at you so you lose points. Simple.