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Andrew Gower likes all his players to know that he cares about them.

The Grand Sexchange is the centre of 99.99....% of all commerce in RuneScape. Its inception, along with the Trade Limit, rendered most player trade and nearly all the in-game shops useless. Free trade is back....but the in-game shops are still null and void. The only thing that ever managed to kill small businesses at anything like a similar rate is this man.

If you ever wanted to sell a Bad-Os godsword for 15k, or buy a undragon 2h butter knife for (NULL) gp, this is the place for you


By introducing the Grand Exchange, Jagex allowed players unprecedented freedom, including the freedom to buy or sell (but not both at the same time) any items Jagex chooses to let them, at any price Jagex chooses to let them, and in any quantity Jagex chooses to let them. Of course, this didn't stop Capitalist Swine from ripping the econamy a new one though mass buy outs.

Some famous examples include

  • Mint Cakes - a useless food item that restores 100% run energy (you know, theres such a thing as a tireless run scroll) Had mindless idoits paying well over 1m for them, until of course Jagex decided to unleash the nerf-ray and make mintcakes 10 times easier to get, making the price go NNNNNEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...........*SMASH* Remember, just because something is rare, doesn't mean its valuable....I mean you don't see me going around Ebay making Bids on copys of Cheetamen 2?
  • Royal Crown - bit like a lightbulb in Buckingham Palace, a Royal Screw-Up
  • Zaryte Bow - 2011 Prods trying to get rich off the droppings of a demented purple bunny-seagull
  • PrayerPotionGate 2009

While today it swarms with filthy Capitalists it is fondly remembered by comrades as the beginning of soviet runescape, with the harsh limitations on item prices and all free trade. Though unconfirmed to this day many suspect its power came from andrew gowers body perfectly preserved in the likeness of Lenin.

Tell your clan to buy out every single prayer potion in existance

Make sure no ranarr herbs are buyable

People reliase that most PvM activiy is going to be impossable now


Errors and Hax

Jagex....glitches.....surely thats NEVER happened before ~Padriok

With any fine piece of programming, you can expect the little 0's and 1's in the system to be having a rave party, getting completely smashed and falling into a river full of Tesco shopping trolleys.

This has caused such bizzare effects as:

  • Grantie (5kg) going up by 75'000% because they decided to make it chisel-able, as expected, the price hit Grantie-Bottom afterwards
  • Grand Exchange graphs turning into staircases and rollacoasters due to merchants.
  • One of the graphs doing a full U-turn and smacking the reader back in the face.
  • Another graph appearing to go into negitives because the price crashed that fast.
  • Half the Grand Exchange staff being laid-off, bad times.
  • Climbing boots going upto 75k for no reason, and was certainly not of any fault to Jagex, and surely was not leaked to th (Ok Mod Mark, you can stop vandalising the wiki now ~Padriok)