Here on the UnRunescape Wikia, we have FIVE guides for you.

How to get rich quick:Edit

  1. Wear your best armour.
  1. Go into the deep level wildy.
  1. Remove all your armour.
  1. Find that mean dragon's lair.
  1. Attack the mean dragon.
  1. ????
  1. Instant visage if you kill him or...
  1. Instant new found wealth in knowledge.

How to get Modship:Edit

This one is easy, merely spam click report, and VOILA!

How to get FamousEdit

  1. Buy a bot.
  1. Run it for two months straight.
  1. Easy number 1 on the hiscores.

How to Trim ArmorEdit

  1. Get scissors.

A Proper Guide:Edit

Only available at our sister wiki: Who has a number of guides in her busty site.

Or alternatively, you could visit our HowTo page for lots of lulz.