Try to pretend otherwise Jagex, you'll never fool us. What the fuck is Constitution, anyway?

Hitpoints is a life and death subject, literally. You can't live without them. Hitpoints is what you need, even more than the iPhone 10GX400z TouchPokeProd. (According to Apple)

Whenever you take a hit that doesn't completely bounce off you like you're Chuck Norris, you lose Hitpoints, and if your Hitpoints reaches 0, you're as Dead as a Dwogre on the Day of the Dwarf quest.

Ways to restore HitpointsEdit

Just because something got a cheap shot on you, doesn't mean you're stuck at half health forever. Food heals your Hitpoints, some more than others, but as long as you're regaining your lost Hitpoints, it don't matter. To an extent of course, because taking trout that heals 70 ain't gonna do much good against a Ooouuuurrrrggggg is it?

(Sorry, I burped again)

Other uses for HitpointsEdit

Hitpoints are required to be at 700 before you can step foot in Zamorak's fortress, at this point you can get your arse handed to you by a pirate. Or a demon. Or something big and stupid. Whatever your preferences are. I couldn't give a toss.

(Blatant laziness Stormy. You're fired - Angels)

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