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We all make steaming honkers from time to time. However, Jagex is second to no-one in terms of lovable British incompetence. Here are some of their greatest hits.

“The Consequences will never be the same.”
Mark Gerhard

The Early Years...Edit

  1. Coding the game in Java rather than DirectX, without any proper downloads, so the graphics are shit until 2008.
  2. Introducing "fatigue" to the game to prevent players having fun training too quickly. Jagex has since realised that this makes RS about as interesting as Sir John Major, so they've decided to massively overcompensate.
  3. Setting out a five year plan full of updates they didn't even understand, let alone work out how to code. We're still waiting for Acheron, lizardmen and gravy.
  4. Creating a game where the characters were 2D but the settings 3D, thus creating a hideous dimensional warp. AND they looked crap.

The Community Drive...Edit

  1. Desperately sucking up to the "community", thus turning RuneScape into an online version of Sure Start.

Communication? Sorry, what is this I don't even...Edit

  1. Promising a "new era of openess" under Mod MMG, then scrapping Behind The Scenes which actually communicated with the players what updates they were getting.

Updates, Updates, Where Are The Fucking Updates!?Edit

  1. Scrapping BTS to "improve update quality", then not updating for half of the months from March to September. And even when they did, the updates were nothing to write home about.
  2. Bragging about the new skill at every possible opportunity, thus hyping the skill up more than the Simpsons movie- then releasing a skill that was more like a minigame- sorry, no, an "activity".

This Is Just Embarrassing NowEdit

  1. Preaching to players the importance of having a secure account, whilst having a game system that is liable to crash at any moment.
  2. Finally bringing back Behind The Scenes on the 4th of June 2010, which, according to JaGEx, counts for apologising...