Kree'Arra is Armadyl's favorite pet in all of his bird collection. This allowed Kree to become the guardian for the Armadyl hilt, a shapeless piece of blue metal which is valued by PruneScapers at around 100 million coins. However, being the guardian is more of a curse than a honour, as Kree is set upon by a ravenous horde of archers, who all dream of shoving a bolt through his skull and recieving the Armadyl hilt in return. Should this happen, the player would be dead happy, Armadyl would be dead pissed, and Kree would be just dead.

Kree'Arra himself is little more than an overgrown budgie wearing cheap, knackered empty deodorant cans for armour[1]. Such cutbacks in armour expenses has made him a little angry, and when anyone comes inside with some birdseed, Kree makes like M.Bison and goes TORNADOOOOOOOOOO! hitting the unlucky bird feeder for up to 700 damage.

How to ruin Kree'ArraEdit

Unlike someone else, Kree'Arra isn't stupid, and will use his wings to fly into the air, which means you'll have to put away that borrowed Bandos Godsword, I'm afraid. Instead, you'll have to use ranged attacks, although magic can also be used. Using Protect from Ranged is the best bet, as Kree hits like a pussy then (up to 250, and this is a GWD boss...) He's got 3 minions as well to help with the fight, because Kree is a cheating fuck and doesn't fight fair.

The main issue with fighting Kree is that it takes about an hour just to get the ability to fight him. You have to kill 40 other budgies, and they don't die easily.


Ooh, the tension!


Kree'Arra is famous for dropping the Armadyl hilt, which is worth nothing as its just pixel money 40 million coins and is notorious for causing nerdgasms worldwide [2]! He also drops a strange helmet, as it changes shape depending on gender. On males it looks like a eagle, and on females it looked like melted roadkill until Jagex finally updated it to look the same as on males. Problem is that its still a bit big...

(They can't do anything right can they?)

There is also an 'Armadyl Chestplate' and a 'Armadyl Plateskirt' (which you lose on death over a rune chainbody, and I'm being dead fucking serious) but when you get these, God laughs at you. These are both worth like 20M and the hilt is worth 40M. The drop rate is around the same, so you just got punk'd. Bitch.

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  1. Put it this way, it makes the Ministry of Defence look like spendthrifts.
  2. Subject to change as the prats in World 2 panic over absolutely nothing, causing the price to crash faster than John Terry's popularity.