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Mod Mark Michael Gerhard is the current CEO of JaGEx. He promised a new era of sharing, openess and communication in RuneScape. This was followed by the removal of Behind The Scenes, with no sense of irony whatsoever.

The RevolutionEdit

Mark Gerhard did not merely become CEO through a benign process. Oh no. He took power in a bitter and bloody revolution that sent shockwaves through the Jagex offices. On that fateful morning, instead of squirreling himself away in his little techie corner in the Jagex basement, he boldly stormed all the way to the very top of Jagex Mountain. Upon reaching the office of the then CEO Geoff Iddison, he defied convention by knocking politely on the door and asking if he could "have a word, please". As he heard these bold words, Iddison began to tremble behind his ivory-and-noob-bone desk. Believing no-one to be in, MMG took the office by force- he dramatically nudged the door open and asked if anyone was in there. Noticing Iddison's hair standing on end, MMG strode around the desk and began to talk. What he may have said is given below. This is only an approximation of what terrible battle could have took place.

"Hi Iddison, I'm Mark Gerhard you know the server guy and I'd just like to say first of all what a terrific job I think you're doing you know you're absolutely the right person to lead Jagex through these difficult times now I've just come up with some suggestions- only suggestions after all you are the boss, you're the big shot here- about y'know how we can connect with the community more like I say it's your decision..."

As he went on, Iddison could bear no more. Driven to terror by what was stabbing at his ears, he jumped out of his window and fell to the bottom of Jagex Mountain, whereupon he was mauled to death by frenzied runefappers who were angry at his refusal to give them a private viewing room of Commander Zilyana. Meanwhile, Mark Gerhard was crowned as the new Supreme Leader by Andrew, who had just walked in wearing a pinny with Iddison's morning tea.

The AftermathEdit

Immediately after MMG's coronation, there was a massive server crash. Due to his diligence in the tech department, none of the other guys there knew how to even switch them on, as they had just been looking at undesirable material for the past 3 years.

Reason for server crash:

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