Combat stealing creation

Minigames are activities that are conveniently situated between you and where you're going.

Why bother?Edit


Until recently, Jagex did not realize that players played Activities Minigames for rewards, not fun. Which is why you'll find that minigames such as Stealing Creation reward you with tools which reduce the grinding of Runescape's skills, and offer a semi-fun activity in the process,especially if you're helpful and find ice barraging players of a lower level than you fun.

Isn't RuneScape a minigame of real life?Edit


Current MinigamesEdit

Soul Wars- This game is just solid, mental killing.
Castle Wars- Max of 2 tickets per game no matter how many kills u got... U just got idiot barraged!
Fist of Guthix- Anybody want to spend 40 hours to get level 40 item that degrade in 40 seconds?
Bounty Hunter- Jagex took it off cause whiners complained too much

Pest Control -The once massive exp giving game...

PVP World - Kill da' noob. Note: This is a dangerous MINIGAME@@

Trouble Brewing - The closest you'll ever get to drinking in runescape.

The Barrow- Ahmed, Guthan, Dharok, Verac, etc. shall pwn u!!

Daemonheim Raid - NOW COMES WITH ITS OWN SKILL!!!!!!!

Stealing Creation - YOU NO TAKE CLAY!!

Clan War - Kill as much a you can...Nuff' said

The Minigame that nowbody plays Barbarian Assault - Blow the friggin' horn!!

Burgh de Rott Ramble /Temple Trekking (Reverse)- Lead people to their dooms.

Duel  Arena- The world of the PURES

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Whatever, just check the category about those things.

Other 'Minigames'Edit


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