Mod grimace

It is a little known fact that mod mark used to be a mcdonalds mascot, grimace.

Mod mark is the reichsführer Head content designer for National Socialist Game Wanker Party Jagex and founder of his own fast food chain, Markdonalds. Markdonalds can be expected to be out "soon"

The Big Mark, MarkDonalds' signature burger, was heavily criticized when the EOC sauce was introduced in 2012. The sauce, according to some customers, tasted like vinegar that old shoes rotted away in. Several riots broke out, and some people refused to ever eat at MarkDonalds again, A brave employee retorted by saying that there are two other types of burger available, but one is 12 years old and the other takes too long to prepare. Therefore Mod Mark is still under fire to this day.


Mark Ogilvie was born in 1960. He lived a pretty boring life up until he met Mr Gower in 1999 whilst working as a mascot for McDonalds. Mark and Andrew became close friends, eventually Gower let Mark in on the secret of jagex and its greatest scheme, runescape. Mark lately decided to make the game fail even more by adding his new Germna goblin Yelps to the game and banning everyone who dislikes Jagex. More of his Bio coming "soon"

Bitches-dont-know bout Markdonalds

Bitches don't know

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