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“Dancing for money pl0x.”

This is a picture of a nerd, from a noob's perspective

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Noobs are the annoying runts that make up from 1% of RuneScape's population to "every other player but you", depending on what mood you're in. These can be similar to low-leveled players, except they can be high-leveled too. They will annoy the hell out of you by asking for free stuff ("phr33 st00f pl0x) constantly. If you initially fail to comply with this demand, they will stalk you from Lumbridge to Falador asking for this free stuff that they seem to think they deserve. If you fail to deliver this "phr33 st00f", they will spam and flame you for not giving them the object they rightfully deserve. You used to be able to take the noob into the wilderness with the promise of valuable items and kill them. Since the Wilderness Removal, the only thing that can be done is to ignore them and they will go away... maybe...if you're lucky... the wildy is back so this feature is possible again.

Common sayings

Noobs have many phrases. Most of these revolve around how tough their main is, how they'll report you if you don't do what they want, and how they'll leave you alone if you give them money. Such phrases include:

  • "Free stuff plz" -They may have a variation on this phrase (e.g. "pr33 st00f pl0x", "3 stuf plzz" and, occasionally, "Could you please be charitable and forward me a small loan, my good man?").

    Your typical noob.

  • "My main would pwn u"/"My main is lvl 138"- Often, a real noob will give a combat level that is impossible.
  • "i'll report u if you dont give me 3 stuf naow!!!11!"- This is a lie, of course, as most noobs have no idea how to even move around the screen, let alone find "Report Abuse".
  • "all ur free stuff r belong to us"
  • "qp"- Wait for it...
  • "w"- Without genitalia of their own, most noobs must render theirs in ASCII.
  • "B========>" - No, I don't know what it means either.
  • Boner Boner Boner, I'm going to tongue punch your mother's fartbox and read a book
  • 'con i have som mony???!!!", It is still unknown what language this is.