A POH, no not a POOH from the hundred acre wood, stands for PimpsPlayer Owned House, or in World 31 logic "WTF this sux, no one will light the burners"

What can you do in a POH?Edit

Guess what? Thats right! This is where your house lives when you aren't talking to it! You can build it, and talk to it, and spend all your money on it, but you will always be a construction noob, unless of course your just after buying 20 million off rsgold, waited 2 years for oak planks to buy off Grand Exchange, and started grinding on oak larders so long than you need surgery on your wrists, only to have some smart arse lvl 80s run it, glitch up all the chairs, and start spamming @@@@@@@@@@@ all over the chat when you log out

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