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They are the Players whose constant IN-GAME brown nosing and filing reports helping the community has entitled them to a silver crown beside their name. That will help their egos. Supposedly, these moderators focus only on helping the Community, which is why they are Generals in Scam clans, and can mute you faster than the Jagex Riot Squad. Also, they will REPORT THE FUCK OUT OF YOU for no fucking reason. They are the biggest bullshit EVER!

How can I become a Player Moderator?Edit

So, have you long dreamt of being superior to others with virtual powers?

You have?

Then player modship is just for you. Just spam-click that red-button in the middle of the bottom of your screen and you will either:

1) Be rewarded with instant modship, and its benefits, including the ability to Lord yourself over other players.

2) Get a PERMA-BAN!

Evil lies and myths about player moderatorsEdit

Player Moderators do not lurk around a secret forum discussing new ways to banhammer players

Player Moderators do not spend most of their time in secret meetings talking about Mechscape betas and Leaks to RS updates

Player Moderators do not have a list of every other moderator in the game, this isn't facebook

Player moderators do not talk to the Lumbridge Sage every tuesday evening at 7:30pm in a F2P world to be cloest furries in some weird dimention that looks exactly like Varrok Bank's basement for exactly half an hour only to have Svew and Champ's throwaway alts yell and throw rocks at them when they come out.

Player moderators do not have a ritual where they must take a 50 metre run down Canifis, leap into the air and shout "I AM ERIC CANTANA!!"

Player moderators do NOT, and I mean DO NOT join merchant clans, if you see a silver crown in a merchant clan, report the fuck out of him, he is a hacker!!!1