99 prayer

A typical player with 99 prayer

Prayer-iconPrayer is basically the equivalent to Scientology or some other New-Age cult, as it costs your life-savings to get even a moderately good level in it, and you must continue forking out 10k for Prayer Potions, while Saradomin and Zaros sit there up in a big butt somewhere laughing at you getting ruined by Jad.

Types of prayersEdit

  • Stat Enhancers - Drains you a like a battery, Mostly useless except the Chivalry and Piety prayers, which require killing the entire cast of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".
  • Protect Item - Supposed to let you keep a 4th item, or 1 item when skulled, Useful in PvP when you are using Ags or Claws to rush people NERFED!!
  • Restore Prayers - Far too slow to be of any real use (Unless you fork out 113k tokens in Daemonheim for something that is the equivalent of eating a monkfish every minute, but I'm sure players are FAR too intelligent to ever buy this prayer)
  • Redemption - 2 Smacks in the face with an AGS instead of 1 for you. Lovely! (Anyone with half a brain would use a ring of life [Yes I'm aware of the irony of buying a ring of something you don't have])
  • Retribution - (Pk'er used Self-Destruct)
  • Smite - SMITE ME, OH ALMIGHTY SMITER!! (also completely useless due to the PvP 1-iteming nerf)
  • Protect from Magic - Cheap.
  • Protect from Missiles - Cheap.
  • Protect from Melee - Cheap.
  • Protect from Summoning - Cheap.
  • Protect from AIDS - Wont actually save you from AIDS
Protect from range

A typical "Prayer noob"

Ancient CursesEdit

These are basically the same as their equivalent prayers, just a bit more useful.

  • The stat enhancers have the added benefit of reducing your opponent's stats
  • The protection curses sometimes reflect a couple damage back at your opponent. AMG Built-in recoil ring!!!!!11
  • Soul Split is a smite equivalent that restores 1/4 1/5 who the fuck knows how much hitpoints while it drains your opponent's prayer.
  • Berserker makes your stat boost potions last longer. I get emails all the time about pills that do this same thing...

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