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Price Manipulation Clans, also known by the euphemism Merch Clans and the more accurate Greedy W*nkers, are some of the most reviled people on RuneScape. This is partly because of their skill in making most items completely unobtainable, but mainly because they are obscenely rich.

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How rich are they?Edit

The best merch clan leaders are loaded. They have stupid amounts of money. In fact, they are so rich, I can fill half a page with half-assed one-liners rather than writing actual proper "humour" about how rich they are.

They're so rich...

  • They take daily baths made from "Half-Full Jugs of Wine."
  • They wipe their ass with "Party Hats."
  • They pay other people to write half-assed articles on how rich they are for them.