Something to do when you're bored of doing nothing, and want a Mindfuck, a Mission Impossible or Monstrous Stats.

Rewards me NOW!!Edit

Fortunately for you, if you manage to defeat those incredibly difficult challenges Jagex have decided that they will reward you sufficiently for the effort that you put in.

More often than not, these rewards are a bucket of experience, and is in no way overpowered.

Of course, if you manage to complete all the quests, you can go buy your "Quest Cape" off the God of Wine some mad, old thief. In true Jagex style, this cape has worse stats than the easily trimmed Cooking-Fletching Cape, proving yet again, afking is more rewarding than trying to complete ALL of the below listed quests.

A Quest - Z QuestEdit

If you are reading this, then you have decided that you actually want to do some sort of quest, rather than mindlessly click or fight something.

Below, a comprehensive list of quests:

That's a lot of empty links...took a while as well, over two hours. :PEdit

Classification of DifficultyEdit

Quests are classified as Novice/Intermediate/Experienced/Master/Grandmaster/Special based on a consistent system of... Well... not even the boring wikia understands it.

(^Catapult Construction^)

"Interestingly, this quest is Master class, along with Mourning's Ends Part II and Desert Treasure, and yet appears to be of roughly Intermediate difficulty. This tells that the level classification is based on the pre-requirements rather than the quest itself."

(^Quiet Before the Swarm^)

"Although Quiet Before the Swarm is classified as a novice quest, it is actually quite difficult compared to other novice quests, because it requires completion of an intermediate quest, and contains a few difficult puzzles. On an interesting note, in the Behind the Scenes-June it is stated to be an intermediate quest, though in the quest menu is a Novice quest."

As you can see, this system runs on Jagex Logic and we will for the most part, ignore it since it's not consistent at all and is more or less trivial(Grandmaster quest??? GRANDMASTER QUEST!!!!!!!XD) No matter what Jagex says, a brutal mindfuck is more difficult than stupid, graphically updated fairies.