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These are essentially the same as Rioters but they will stick to spamming up the forum with threads that no one cares about. They generally stick to the rants thread unless provoked by a update and will then attack the recent updates thread. Aparently they seem to think that mods will actually read their threads.


1.The One-Hit Wonder

This type of ranter has an amazing attention to detail and knows tons about one particular topic. However, this is all said ranter knows, and they will whine about anything that they percieve as an assault on their favourite subject. A good example is the whining PKer, as they will complain about anything that they think makes PvP "unbalanced".

2.The Grumpy Bastard

Trying to please these guys is like trying to fill up a black hole. They will find fault in absolutely every update that is ever made. It might be tempting to dismiss them as nuts but the worst thing is that their complaints are usually justified. Bastards.

( Cough Angels And D ;) )

3. The Nut

This person doesn't even have anything to rant about. They just like shouting and complaining. More often than not, they don't actually know what they're complaining about. 99% of ASCII middle fingers are created by this type of ranter.

4. The Rage-quit

Generally PKers who just got killed by a L33t H4xx0r, or ventured into PvM and did it wrong. These are highly entertaining, and fun to mess with.

How to Avoid

Basically staying away from the rants forum will keep you safe from their stupidity, if you happen to wander onto recent updates looking for some good info about the newest update advoid threads like 'Rate this!' or 'Hello Mod M?' and 'Thanks for this junk' and anything with full caps in the title.

Forum Hypocrites


The peanut gallery

A ranter showing how much he loves Jagex.

Yes, RuneScape needs Subways!

Spam on steriods.

A ranter giving some helpful replies.

Ranting is known to divide by zero

Well...that's one way to get 1000 pages

Ranters often use dirty tactics such as catnapping

According to this guy, Mod MMG is a bunny

That's right, it only gets worse.