Rock crabs are little annoying rocks that live at the coast of Rellekka. They are generally a pure's main food source, and pratically half the players logged into a world are bots killing them. Rock crabs are popular because they have a delicious 500 hp and have a max hit of about 1.9231x10 to the power of minus 83.

Types of players seen at Rock CrabsEdit

First of all you have the Ranger pure, which consist mostly of level 40's who got kicked out of Nomad's Amusement Park after the freeloader nerf. These guys tend to yell out such phrases like;

  • GTFO nub, i'd own yu in bh!!!1
  • 78 rang owns u??
  • I has D bow spec f1al 498 L0l!
  • Get off my crab!!
  • OFF!!
  • OFF!!
  • OFF....
  • 0mfg reportedd!!!!!1!!1one!12`1!1six!!Shift!!1E=mc²!!!!111111

Next you have the level 80+ with the 300k armour who thinks he is a God, and will start a kill stealing war with everyone. If you close your eyes, the will go away, as they will evenually get downed by a Hobgoblin and spam up the rants forum about how the lost their "Ub3r aplha L33t r00n armour"

The last type of player at rock crabs is the dreaded Cannon fucker , they walk amoug us as normal players, but once that evil contraption hits the ground, the whole place will break out into an unholy shitstorm, with the cannon owner reseving more death threats from the pures than Jagex during 10/12/07. Fortually anyone with half a brain would just turn off public chat, but you got to remember, this is Runescape we are talking about here.