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Runescape is unpopular

Welcome to the land of the morally dubious!

Designer Jagex Software
Genre MMO--(g)
Version 2.15 RuneScape Classic does not exist. RuneScape Classic never existed.
ESRB Rating 13+, provided that the player has been kept in an isolated, sanitary room for entirety of life.
Number of Players More than World of Warcraft. Ha!
Addiction Rate Irrelevant. The JRS hunt you down and kill you if you try to quit.
System Requirements 0KB RAM, 0Mhz Processor, Commodore 63+, poor knowledge of human rights.
Inputs Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker, Social Status, Health, Sanity.
Outputs Loss of Productivity, Living in Basements, No Life, Addiction

RuneScape (sometimes abbreiviated as the United Scamming Stealing RuneScapians to people who have visited the World 1 Grand Exchange at least once) is a mediocre online MMORPG run by Jagex Software that was originally intended as a social experiment to determine the conditions needed for the implementation of a totalitarian Communist state.

But in an unfortunate a twist of fate that not even Jagex was expecting, the game grew popular among those who enjoy such adrenaline-pumping activities such as watching a poorly-rendered pixel you having intimate relations with swinging an axe at a tree that appears to have some invisible forcefield seperating the axe from the tree, proceeding to take your illegally-gotten lumber to burn them in a straight line like the good little forest arsonist your character is in your glorious quest to prove whom else but you has the least of a social life!

Is RuneScape Recommended for YOU?Edit

Preconditions for playing RuneScape include a huge tolerance for boredom, a lack of awareness regarding basic human rights, and a basement into which sunlight is unable to penetrate; with the gameplay largely consisting of questing, Pking, and 'grinding', called such for the adverse effect it has on one's will to live.

Controversially, Jagex also happens to reserve the right to ban not only experiments' players' RuneScape accounts, but also their membership of Real Life, which has been protested by the odd sane voice within the game human rights activist, all of whom share the dubious status of disappearing within a week of their protests.

The Joys of Gameplay (Post-Evolution of Combat)Edit

There aren't any.

The Joys of SkillingEdit

Same as above.

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