Runecrafting is a ripoff of the skill Crafting in RuneScape.

How to train, pre-RunespanEdit

1. Find an altar.
2. Locate Nearest Bank
3. Walk back to nearest bank
4. Right click on banker
5. Select 'bank' on Banker
6. Enter first PIN number
7. Enter second PIN number
8. Enter 3rd PIN number
9. Enter 4th PIN number
9.1. (Skip 6-9.2 if you have no pin)
9.2. (Pins don't exist in RuneScape)
10. Enter Bank
11. Find Rune Essence or Pure Essence
12. Right click Rune/Pure Essence
13. Select 'Withdraw All' Rune/Pure Essence
14. Put back one essence
15. Right click talisman
16. Withdraw one talisman
17. Click 'x' on bank tab
18. Go to altar
19. At this point, a Random Event should have come up. Please complete it before continuing.
20. Click on Talisman
21. Click on Altar
22. Enter Altar
23. Wait for loading screen
24. Locate central altar in the altar
25. Click on altar
26. Wait for animation of rune creation to finish
27. Locate nearest portal
28. Enter Portal

29. This is all a lie.

30. ????

31. Profit! Experience!

How to train, post-RunespanEdit

1. Go to Runespan
2. Stay there until level 99.
3. Weep softly.

While being one of the worst skills to train in terms of experience per hour, once you hit level 91, you can pat your virtual back as you're finally into the big virtual money.

The more of this virtual money you have, the more virtual relationships you can have.

With enough of those, Jagex can ban you.


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