As of lately, Commander Zilyana had decided her average weekly paycheck for providing Rule 34ness to the 12 year old Runefappers was boring. She began manipulating these boys into visiting her at her chamber (she left the door open so they didn't need killcount), encouraging them to bring 3 Dragon battleaxes and an Abyssal Whip. She then ruined them in seconds with her sword, and stole the lost Abyssal whip. Her plan was to recolour the whip silver and change its appearance, call it a Saradomin Sword and sell it for over twice the price of an actual Abyssal Whip. Which shows, not only is she a unimaginative and thieving cow, but she is also a greedy bitch as well. This explains why Jack Tweed fancies her, they have a lot in common.

The more informative partEdit

The Saradomin Sword has the same Slash and Strength bonus as an Abyssal whip, but also a higher Crush bonus which is good for nothing and a +2 prayer bonus so you can use your Protection from Melee prayer for a fraction of a second longer, although you might piss HIM off by doing so. Although if you're stupid enough to buy the Saradomin Whip (OH THE CONNOTATIONS), you'll be stupid enough to use Melee Pray on that as well.

Unlike an Abyssal Whip, you can train Strength with it, although a Dragon Scimitar along with a Dragon Defender costs far less, hits more often and gives you more defence. But like I said, if you buy this, you're an idiot.

Special attackEdit

The Saradomin Whip has a special attack, where if you sink your whole special attack bar LIGHTNING shoots out of the sword. Sounds cool? Remember you're playing PruneScape, but at least the special attack hits extremely often...

(Did I mention it was 2 handed? No you didn't Stormy, you're fired)

Unsaradomin sword

A player "weilding" the Saradomin Sword