Strength-iconStrength is a measure of how hard you can hit in PruneScape. In many ways, training your Strength is like going to the gym- you start out punching people until you can tear people apart with a sword in seconds. Well, its actually simpler than that. In PruneScape, Strength determines how big a number appears when you whack someone over the head with a bloody big axe. Its one of the most common skills that people train, due to people thinking that hitting a 300 and a 0 is better than hitting 2 200s. Its PruneScape, were you expecting intelligence?

Strength trainingEdit

The best way to train Strength is to kill things. A lot of things. See that man over there? By the general store? He's asking for it...drop him like an insect!

WHAM! He's as dead as the Fishing Trawler!

Eventually your Strength level will rise, at this point you can hit harder! And if you keep going, eventually those 10s will turn into 20s, then into 30s, and so on until you're finally 99 Strength and can hit absolute maximum! Aren't those people at Jagex so good at designing things? Nothing is messed up in PruneScape!

Other ways to improve StrengthEdit

Due to the community's obsession with strength and maximum hits, theres a shitload of ways to increase it other than leveling up your Strength (because you're too bloody lazy). There are those...drugs...which are discussed below in Trivia, and lots of armour and other stuff that makes you strong like Hulk!

Amulet of Strength: +10 strength bonus! Gwarrgh!

Dragon boots: +4 strength bonus, along with a bit of defence! And all for the cheap price of 400K and the fact that these boots lose over an item worth 22K! (Rune sq shield)

Obsidian Shield (Toktz-Ket-Xil): Every TzHaar's favorite shield, when worn by a human its a Granite shield with a +5 strength bonus, for only 150K more! Bargain!

Bandos armour: Both the chestplate and tassets have a strength bonus (+4 and +2 respectively), which sets you back over 40M more for the 2 than a simple Torag's Platebody and Platelegs, which has better defensive stats and is in infinitely higher supply! Would you be surprised to know that most Bandos armour buyers are found in World 2?

Godsword: Hit 5 more damage for paying 25 million more Gps.....At the least!


  • Amphetamines/steroids exist in RuneScape. They're known as strength potions.
  • According to a very reliable source (0.9% of the RuneScape population), strength is the only melee skill worth training. Attack is okay, but Defence is for noobs.
  • The editor of this article has 99 Strength. Therefore this is PROFESHUNAL ARTYKUL.

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