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These are the holy laws of RuneScape.

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The "Justice" System

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Commandment #1

Thou shalt not have any false MMO's before thy PruneScape

(Reason: That Night Elf druid you pwned in PvP was actualy Mod Mark H, and he's been butthurt about it ever since)

Commandment #2

Thou shalt not advertive thy keyloggers and shitty RSMV's in the unholy form of a URL

(Reason: Jagex's computers get enough hax and BSoD's without your help, thank you very much)

Commandment #3

Thou shalt play fairly and not resort to the deadly sin of "macroing"

(Reason: It allows players

A player macroing because he has a life and he won't waste that solving this machine in Elemental Workshop IV ( thank you runescape.salmoneus)

to have a life)

Commandment #4

Never reveal thy holy secrets of the Player Moderator Centre

(Reason: The entire forum got leaked last year, and some of us were smart enough to save it on our hard drives, gf thought police)

Commandment #5

Thou shalt not comi

A player " Bug Abusing " which is strictly against the RuneScape commandment of " Not Haxxing ".


(Reason: Last time someone tryed it, they accidentally half of Daemonheim and turned into Giygas)

Commandment #6

Thy Forum Moderators are ALWAYS right, their word is thy lord Gower's will, challenging it will result in thy unholy Banhammering.

(Reason: Mod Mark H likes to post picard /faceplam ascii)

Commandment #7

Thy whinny Pk'ers must accept all nerfs, any challenge shall result in holy retribution (and then the nerfing of retribution)

(Reason: Anyone who stays at 1 defence and complains about dying deserves that Mach 2 ass-kicking anyway)

Commandment #8

Thou shalt defend abuse of pvp mechanics as "part of the game."

( Reason: Nobody at Jagex can be arsed to fix a damn thing and some divine power thinks it's funny to annoy diary completionists. The heretic schismatics of Old School RuneScape especially fond of this commandment. )

*gonna fill the rest of these in later* ~Agent