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The Void Stares Back

The Void Stares Back is another perfect example of Jagex making a rushed quest, only this time, they decided to slap the "ZOMFG GRANDMASTER!!11!" tag on it thinking people would DDoS the Feedback forum with worship. Unfortunately, players aren't that stupid.

So I'm guessing you probably want a whole walkthough for it now? (even though the Jagex controlled wiki already made one 2 days ago) Well here you go...

Quest Details

Description - The rest of the purple goo has been shipped to Korea in order to make Dragon Scimitars, The Void knights are sick of playing that stupid Chess Game since everyone ragequits after 1250 rating, and now they want to waste 2 hours of your life on a rushed quest, sucks to be you... And remember: if you stare into the Void too long, you will get owned by a "Screamer"...

Released - 6 October 2010

Start - Speak to Captain Korasi at the Falador Park

Difficulty - Grandmaster (in name only)

Length - Too short to really be much of a "grandmaster" quest

Members - Yes

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