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This is their reaction to me being here.

And the dish ran away with the item of cutlery that cannot be named for legal reasons...

Well, its now the end of June and it is becoming increasingly obvious that RuneScape is now in a noticable decline. Not only has updated quality nosedived, but cheaters, macroers and scammers are running rampant with no reliable control present or in the works. Recently Jagex have put an absolute unholy fuckton a lot of focus on linking RuneScape with Facebook, and the Ornate Katana is the first of an announced line of items only obtainable from spending real life money. At least the ill-advised Loyalty Program managed to pass without completely wrecking whats left of RuneScape, because everything on offer is completely useless. Even the auras. Especially the auras.

A few often-updated articles you should check for extra context on occasion

  • A Whole Year of Awful Updates (2011) - A list of all of the more noticably low quality updates Jagex has produced in 2011. Rush jobs, pointless updates that don't add anything to the game or just badly thought of, badly executed rubbish goes here.
  • MMOs and social networks don't mix! - Coverage on Jagex's increasingly detrimental idea to sell out to Facebook. You WILL need alcohol or stronger to dull the pain when you realise just what a mess this is.
  • Scamming - Unfortunately it didn't die down a few weeks after Free Trade's release, in fact new scam types are appearing so that useless 12 year olds can steal more pixel money so they can lose it in a staked duel. Lets you know exactly how each scam works, so you can spend maximum time hurling insults at the morons who try these.