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This article has been deleted after a WBM reported it to Jagex for no reason at all, other than for said WBM to increase chances of becoming a mod. Whilst taking a break from parroting the rulebook in the forums and shouting "OMFG REPORTED" at anyone who stood in one place for too long, they came across this page. Believing it to be breaking a rule- no idea which- they reported it. They have now been rewarded with a silver crown and are currently running a merch clan.

We are tremendously sorry for the inconvienience.

However,due to jagex being monkeys who know how to program(in a stupid way,that is) this page has been reopened

WBMs (Wanna be mods aka OMG JAGEX YOU OWN or Please dont spam the forums, I will now call a mod to lock this ^_^) are the second worse type of players in the "community". (As you recall, these are the worst type of players)

Who be monkeys(WBMS)Edit

So you might ask...What are they?

(Im outta ideas,gonna write this later cya