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Whining PKers are one of the most unusual, but at the same time the most common species of player on RuneScape (according to Jagex). They occupy the highest and the fourth lowest position on the RuneScape Hierarchy. This is because although JaGEx will listen to their every demand, nearly every single other player hates them for whining about anything on the Forums when they don't get their way.

OMFG NOOOOOO!!!!11111Edit

According to the Whining Pkers, PvP, PvM and RuneScape itself was completely ruined on 9/6/10. Turns out Jagex had fixed a bug to do with eating Sharks (or other food) and drinking a Saradomin Brew. Therefore you couldn't rapidly heal yourself of over 300 HP a combat turn, which means now the bug is fixed, PvP is ruined!!!!111

"GF PVP GF JAGEX GF RS WE PAY TO PK **** YOU JAGEX PVP IS RUINED WOWSCAPE I QUIT BAWWWWW" - (Random worthless pker who thinks thats all there is to PruneScape)

As always, Jagex caved in to the Pkers the very next day and removed the delay between eating and using a Saradomin brew.

PKer ClansEdit

Some bright spark who couldn't kill people on his own had the brilliant fucking idea to make a big clan of pures and ruin anything that comes near them. What's annoying is that the idea actually worked, and the PKer clan was born.

Average encounter with PKer clan:

Lalalala...hmm wow that's a lot of peop-WHATTHESWEETMOTHEROFFUCK!

If somehow you manage to survive the onslaught of barrage, dragon daggers, handcannons and godswords, then you will be reported for hax, and though you've done nothing wrong, you will get banned . They are after all, whining PKers. Bastards.

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