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This article can get you banned. If you are stupid enough to indulge in the behaviours described, DON'T SAY WE DIDN'T FUCKING WARN YOU!.

World Of Warcraft
Designer Blizzard Entertainment
Genre MMO--(g)
Version 3.3.5 An infinite number of versions could not make this as good as RuneScape.
ESRB Rating Teen (13+) Inferior to RuneScape.
Number of Players 11.5 million subscribers monthly Could never be as great as RuneScape.
Addiction Rate Notoriously high This game could never captivate its players as well as RuneScape does.
System Requirements Windows XP or higher, Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent, 512MB RAM, Broadband internet connection
Inputs Keyboard, Mouse Why would you want to know? Are you planning on betraying the brotherhood?
Law Rune

The "Justice" System

Code of Laws:
The Official Rules of RuneScape
The Ten Commandments
Approved Opinions
The Jagex Riot Squad
Jagex Moderators
Dual Moderators
Player Moderators
Forum Moderators
Approved Snitches
Reward and Punishment:
Gagging orders
The Black Hole (retired)
Offical Non-Person Status
The Death Ray
Things You Shouldn't Mention if you Want To Keep Your Account:
Jagex's Greatest Moments
Jagex Logic
Flagstaff of Festivities
Things Jagex swore would never happen
Jagex to English Dictionary
Immutable Facts of RuneScape

The below is a press release donated to us by Andrew Gower. We were only allowed to write about this topic on the condition that it went unaltered.

Greetings Comrades!

I understand you wish to know more about the filthy game World Of Warcraft, created by the filthy American imperialist neo-con-Cheneyite-Bushist running dogs, Blizzard Entertainment. Of course, normally asking about such things can get you into serious trouble. However, I am a reasonable man and I understand that the thirst for knowledge is a primal instinct in our players. Therefore, it seems only fair that I tell you a little about this satanic game.

World Of Warcraft is, like the Glorious People's Democratic Socialist Social Republic of the People's RuneScape, a so-called MMORPG. It tries to mimic this wonderful game with its so-called "quests" and "map" which it fantasises to be many times larger than ours. It also boasts of their disgraceful "classes", which are vastly inferior to the egalitarian republican equal-footing communist principles we encourage in our wonderful game.

Our trained spys have uncovered more information on this abomination of a so-called game

They have always tryed to plagerise our greatest updates, and pass them as their own and claim they created them first, for example they directly ripped our Dungeoneering skill, glitched up the programming, allowing players to take the reward items outside as well as give decent exp, such a mistake we corrected before we even released the skill. The Satinists of Blizzard have also bastardised questing, giving it GOOD EXP and GOOD REWARDS, as well as making annoying quests optional.... WHAT KIND OF SICK GAME IS THIS!?!?! The hard working comrades of Jagex give our players many updates a Month, the idoits of Blizzard only give you a CD in Tesco every 2 years, Wrath of the Lich King? BLAH!, more like Wrath of the GLITCH king, thats all you'll ever get, as well as a computer full of viruses, stick to the glorious game of Runescape, which is Glitch-free and no spyware.

tl;dr: Play now!

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